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Hiring a chauffeur

Today, cars are not just vehicles that transport you from A to B, but rather trophies of all your accomplishments and success over the years. It is now, how smoothly you can transport yourself, family members, colleagues and friends to one destination to another, while awing the surrounding public with your dreamy, luxury, exotic vehicle.

We, at Colonial Domestic Agency, understand your crucial concerns of acquiring a chauffeur to operate your prized possession. With this consideration in mind, we obtain the most meticulous chauffeurs with high-level expertise and experience in driving luxury & exotic cars on a daily basis. Furthermore, our chauffeurs possess an impeccable driving record and proper etiquette in presenting you and your honorable mention.

Here you find some primary of chauffeur duties:

  • Safe and secure transportation of Principal(s).
  • Service oriented and attention to detail.
  • Maintain vehicle cleanliness: interior and exterior, hand washing on site.
  • Maintain vehicle readiness: fuel, tire pressure, service records, etc.
  • Prepare and maintain vehicle checklist, pre- / post-use.
  • Prepare/maintain Principals' comfort items in the vehicles: water, tissues, umbrellas, etc.
  • Property perimeter check, noting details in the Daily Activity Report.
  • Vendor supervision, respond to gate calls, and confidently manage emergencies.

Education / Experience:

  • Experience
    Must acquire a minimum of three years experience working as a private chauffeur for a an individual and/or family

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