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Hiring a Butler

A home is one of the significant factors of life and memories. It is a place where various events occur each day and the venue of harmonious holidays and gatherings. In addition, it is the result of your hard work and a cherished estate to grow as individuals, couples and families.

As you know, it takes more than just paying a mortgage to fulfill all the duties of running a household. One needs to compose household budgets, coordinate parties and vacations, clean, plan and cook meals, oversee vendors and renovation, train staff, care for the children’s needs and all the extra duties that emerge every day. Sometimes, just thinking about all the tasks for the day can be exhausting, let alone actually completing them.

Here you find some primary of butler duties:

  • Formal serving and proper table set-up
  • Greeting and accommodating family and guest needs
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • In charge of wine cellar
  • Care of fine china, silver, crystal
  • Care and inventory of artwork and antiques
  • Security of their employer and residence
  • Coordination and scheduling of service contractors.


  • Experience
    If you are an experienced butler with a minimum of three consecutive years of expertise, Colonial Domestic Agency, can assist you with your search for a new position.

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